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I don’t set out to make bad dinners: They just happen. What you read on this blog is true. I am not making up these stories for blog fodder ( I think that is my new favorite expression, by the way- blog fodder).  You know how some people can throw together a salad and it just tastes great? Well, I could throw together that same salad and it would not taste great.

I have a few things working against me.

1. My mother is not a cook, and never set out to teach me.

2. I am a picky eater. A vegetarian no less, so I am not exactly adventurous with food in the first place. My husband is not a vegetarian. It is really hard to cook things for someone else that you can not taste yourself. I usually know how much my husband liked something by how much hot sauce is on the plate- you know, to mask the taste of whatever I made.

3. Its physically impossible for me to follow a recipe. Why ? Because if I don’t have the ingredients, I make ’em up. No paprika? Cumin is the same color. -ish. If I call someone to ask , my A.D.D prevents me from paying attention to what they are saying, so I just make it up anyway.

Why do I even try, you ask? To save money, I guess. Because my daughter has to eat. Because my husband has to eat. And because after years and years of eating the same thing, even I get sick of it and look for something new. So follow along as I try new things, make a mess in my kitchen , and hopefully teach my daughter not to be afraid of the kitchen, and to befriend the Crockpot.

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  1. January 31, 2010 5:00 pm

    I love you, your blog makes me giggle . I too can NOT follow a recipe and while cooking is generally ok most adventures in baking end up completely horrific. I once made grey muffins. GREY. they tasted ok- with icing.

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