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“Grey is Not in the Rainbow”

February 4, 2010

My girl turns four on Saturday – not sure how that is possible, but the calendar says so. Tomorrow is her little birthday party celebration at school- which I don’t think amounts to much more than bringing in a snack. As the teachers silently curse me for bringing in tiny cupcakes frosted by a almost four year old and her mother, I will swear to them how Monkey had to have them. The truth is, she’d eat a sock if it had frosting on it. For some reason, I have in my head that I must make all cakes for any birthday celebration. Not sure why. While I had perfectly delicious cakes growing up, I don’t remember being super-impressed if my mom made them herself or if she got them at a bakery.

I really love making her cakes, but it causes me so much anxiety, mostly because I want it to be perfect. I started planning her party in November, and throw myself in headfirst after Christmas. I think its my subconscious way to get through January, having that to focus on. I search the internet for inspiration, googling the years theme ( My Little Pony). I eliminate cakes that are insane to even think about:  Little-Pony-Cake.jpg, then I hone in on a doable one: a cake with her pony figures around the plate. I’ll be sure to post that one. But for her school shin-dig, I’ll just do rainbow cupcakes.

About 15 times while making these , I thought about chucking it all and purchasing the ones they sell at BJs, all frosted and boxed up, ready to go. I have had some tussles with frosting in the past , so not really wanting to make my own buttercream frosting (saving that for her actual birthday. wait till you see what I am attempting), I bought the Better Crocker Whipped stuff.  It was actually pretty easy for both M . and myself to frost these fingernail -sized cakes.

This is known in our house as a ‘kids knife’ . Nice.

About halfway though  I got the grand idea to jazz things up with food coloring. Why not make all the colors of the rainbow ? Um, because apparently I need to go back to Kindergarten to learn which colors make other colors. Because I couldn’t find red, I set out to make a deep funky pink/purple. Didn’t really work, and put orange in it didn’t help either. Especially when green and blue were already on my palate. So Monkey looked at me and said”  Grey is not in the rainbow, Mommy”

doesn’t every kid love a mauve cupcake ?

Can I ask you how people cooked before the advent of Google ? I just don’t have that innate cooking knowledge to turn down the oven 25 degrees and cut the time in half for these guys. I had to google it because in classic Jessica form, I threw out the directions that came with the cupcake pan. I think they came out OK, don’t you ?

Her birthday is the 6th, but since she was born at 1:15am, the 5th is the day I do all my ‘ what was I doing four years ago”-ing. I am so incredibly proud of the great little girl she’s turning out to be.

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