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January 31, 2010

My life has gotten much easier since I decided to start planning our meals. At the root of my problem is there are three of us:  a carnivore, a vegetarian and a picky preschooler. Further complicating things is because there are only three of us, we have to really really like something to want to eat it thee days in a row. I hate wasting food. It drives me nuts. I often make half of a recipe and we still end up with leftovers. By the way , halving a recipe taps into my dismal math skills.  Whats half of a quart ? Should I cut the time in half too? Will Hunting, I am not.

I have a few things in my arsenal that we will all eat: eggplant parmesean, veggies and rice( I make chicken for Monkey & Husband, tofu for myself- easy to switch out) and most kind of pasta/italian dish. Many days the crockpot will do double time- one meat-ful, one meatless or w/ meat substitute.  Ironically, my  life would be easier if I had more offspring to whom to subject my cooking .

Back in the fall, I really started planning out my meals, mostly to save money. I was making so many stupid little trips to the grocery store  . I don’t always follow it religiously, and sometimes I scrap a whole day and just make breakfast for dinner. I have one rule though. I do not cook on Saturday. I don’t care if we get take-out or BBQ, as long as I am not the one planning and cleaning up, I am good.

Last night , we went to Olive Garden. I know people love that place, but I just don’t get it at all. My other visits had been unimpressive , but we attempted to eat there b/c we had a coupon (can you say OLD?) and a gift certificate ( can you say CHEAP ?). Well, it was a freakin’ HOUR wait!  For Olive Garden!  That was not going to work with a hungry 3 year old and  40 year old ( my husband ! Not me!!), so we went home, intending to pick up Chinese food.

We passed a greek place in town and decided to stop there instead.  Have you ever been to a place that looks like nothing much on the outside and ends up being awesome on the inside? It was such a cute , neighborhood place, family owned and the food was so fresh! Literally fresh food, not ‘fresh’ as in ‘great’ . That I even had to explain that shows how old I am , that I remember when fresh was used to mean ‘dope’ or ‘phat’. Oh my.  I’m going to stop now before the AARP tracks me down.   Ever since we moved here I have been looking for a good falafel place and there one was, right around the corner from me.  Monkey actually asked for grilled chicken, I love when that happens! Even cooler , its BYOW. Love that even more. I think that will be our neighborhhod place.

Whats your neighborhood place like? Is it the food or the atmosphere, or both? Is it technically not in your neighborhood- if so how far do you travel ?

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  1. Lauren permalink
    January 31, 2010 8:33 pm

    the best barbeque place around is close enough that we could walk to (if we wanted to, which i dont) they also have the best fries. this is lexington bbq by the way, ya know, the best bbq ever! 😉

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